Soft Washing Service

Is Soft Washing Right for Your Home?

Protect Your Home: Clean It With Soft Washing Service

Pressure washing uses a high-powered stream of water to clean dirt off many different surfaces and while it’s intensity works well, it can damage softer, more delicate materials. For this reason, soft washing services may be better for your home’s softer surfaces.

Soft washing uses a water pressure of less than 600 PSI and is safe for all surfaces. We utilize special eco-friendly cleaning solutions to break down algae, dirt, mold and mildew attached to surfaces. As a result, surfaces can be cleaned and rinsed without worry of discoloration or damage.

We recommend soft washing service for surfaces, such as those listed below:

Cedar shake siding and shingles
Wood panel lattice and undercarriage
Asphalt shingles and metal roofing
Stucco, coquina and other sprayed on surfaces
Outdoor wood furniture and fences
Screens, enclosures, lanais and pergolas

These services, combined with our other residential power washing services can keep your home looking beautiful. We also offer service agreements for annual or biannual cleaning services. Schedule our services today! You may also call or text us at (910) 787-7166.

Soft Washing Service
Soft washing for metal roofs

A low pressure house and siding wash, alongside soft washing can be used to clean almost any surface without discoloring or damaging paints, wood stains and sealers or floor coatings.

High pressure (above 1,800 psi) should never be used on garage or concrete floors, as it may cause cracking and chipping, or on wooden decks and fences because it may cause splintering.

Let our years of experience and expertise help protect your home’s exterior by providing you with ‘best in the business’

customer service and a superior quality pressure cleaning method.